organic beef   grass fed   pasture raised   chicken   pork   eggs   cage free   organic   

organic beef   grass fed   pasture raised   chicken   pork   eggs   cage free   organic   

Humanely Raised to the Highest Standards

No Hormones or Antibiotics Ever

Feed   Your Family Better

Taking Orders for Beef Sections Now! Limited Time Only!

1/4 or 1/2 Beef Sections

GCC Organics has 2 more cows going in for processing this month.  Now taking reservations for quarter and half sections of beef.  $250 deposit required.  


Fully Stocked on Beef Cuts Every Day.

We are fully stocked on individual beef cuts on the farm and our City Market store in Bay City. Call, email, or click to place your order today.  


Introducing our new CSA

What    Makes GCC  Organics

 Different   From  The  Others?

All of our animals are pasture raised.

  • Our 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef herd and chickens are moved to fresh pasture daily. 

  • Our layers don't know what a cage is.  

  • Our hogs live in our oak forest.  

Our animals live as nature intended...Period!

I ended up going to the City market in Bay city. We got lots of chicken, beef and beef soup bones. Thank you so much. You have the best meat in this area. I stopped eating chicken a long time ago because the taste and texture was awful. I gave yours a try, and holy cow it’s so good.  Thank you for doing what you do to make healthier options available to us.

                                                                  Jennifer S. L.

We bought your smoked bone-in ham for Christmas.  It was the best ham EVER!  My family never had a more tender ham.  Thank You

                                                             Anastasiia S.

"Just wanted to let you know we picked up our bacon this afternoon and we couldn't wait to have it. We thawed it out and split the whole pound, made a BLT salad and it was delicious! Thanks again"

                              Aaron and Sarah B.

"Your eggs from your

'Girls On Grass' make the
best Lemon Meringue pie!!  Thank you Davis from

Bay City's City Market best place to happen to BC,"

                                       Jill L.

"Thanks Farmer Doug. We loved the tour of your organic farm. Will be back soon."

                                       Anne S.

"We had a porterhouse & sirloin from GCC tonight to celebrate my husbands birthday.

 Absolutely amazing!!!"            Sarah L. 

"What a blast taking these five to the farm! So thankful for the work these guys are doing at GCC Organic Farms! The kids said they can't wait to go back♡"

                                                                                  Mandie C.

Farm Hours - M-F 8-5, Sat 10-2
or call for an appointment!

GCC Organics

431 S. Littlefield Rd.

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

PH: 989-944-0124      


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